PCIA Looks Forward to FCC’s August Open Meeting

July 18, 2014 / Alexandria, VA - PCIA – The Wireless Infrastructure Association applauds the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for embracing our recommendations on improving air navigation safety. Since 2006, PCIA has demonstrated how technological advances in the wireless infrastructure industry are strengthening air navigation safety and encouraged the FCC to... Read more

PCIA Urges U.S. Supreme Court to Reverse Eleventh Circuit and Remove Barriers to Wireless Infrastructure Investment

July 10, 2014 / Alexandria, VA - PCIA – The Wireless Infrastructure Association today urged the U.S. Supreme Court to facilitate broadband deployment to consumers and strengthen economic growth by clarifying federal lawthat seeks to remove unreasonable barriers to the siting of wireless facilities.  In an amicus curiae brief submitted in support... Read more

Adelstein Praises Rubio Plan to Speed Deployment of Wireless Infrastructure

June 11, 2014 / Alexandria, Virginia – Jonathan Adelstein, the President & CEO of PCIA - America’s wireless infrastructure association, today praised Senator Marco Rubio’s plan to introduce legislation aimed at promoting the deployment of wireless infrastructure. “With today’s announcement, Senator Rubio is demonstrating urgently needed leadership in fostering innovation and... Read more

PCIA Head Lauds House Effort to Expedite FCC’s Ruling to Streamline Deployment of Wireless Infrastructure

May 29, 2014 / Alexandria, Virginia - The head of America’s wireless infrastructure association today lauded an effort launched by technology policy leaders in the U.S. House of Representatives to support and expedite a Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) rulemaking aimed at streamlining infrastructure deployment for mobile broadband. House Energy and Commerce... Read more

Enhanced Productivity, Connectivity, Accessibility Drive Wireless Technology

May 20, 2014 / Orlando, FL - Wireless technology will increase productivity in the growing global economy, enhance mobile connectivity, and broaden access in rural and emerging markets. Solutions for the burgeoning data crunch are being addressed today at the 2014 Wireless Infrastructure Show produced by PCIA - The Wireless... Read more

Wireless Infrastructure's Impact on the Economy

economic impactA new report that evaluates the economic and job-creation impacts generated by projected wireless infrastructure investments finds such investment will generate as much as $1.2 trillion in economic growth and create 1.2 million new jobs.

Read more in this new study, "Wireless Broadband Infrastructure: A Catalyst for GDP and Job Growth 2013-2017," by Information Age Economics.  


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